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Mrs. & Mr. Podcast (JK & TQ) are back in the studio recording the best "Trivia Podcast" in your feed. Our post-quarantine “quontent” promises no stormy seas, no work stuff, and no intimate times. Listen to their deep dives, chicken chatter, and whatever is on the current pulse of pop culture. Please follow the show on IG (sasdpod), send feedback to the MAILBAG, and listen to the latest episode!

Mar 30, 2021

No middle parts here, folks! JK & TQ are going back in time to the nineteen hundreds. They argue about what qualifies someone as Gen X and discuss landmark X'tent such as Reality Bites and the first Real World cast. Oh, and Lil Nas X - giddy up!

Mar 16, 2021

JK & TQ are talking Bachelor Finales, Grammy Awards, and Oscar Nominations (but no Mormon content, thanks for your patience). Warning - this is the most explicit episode in SASD history! Please submit Oscar Watchlist priority suggestions to the MAILBAG.

Mar 9, 2021

JK & TQ recorded a supersized episode for International Women's Day featuring icons such as Duchess Meghan, Queen Oprah, and Lola Bunny. They recommend a new IG (@sadwomeninwater) and a new podcast (Bon Ami). Plus an aroma update in the MAILBAG.

Mar 2, 2021

JK weighs in on her shot chances, TQ saves a childhood memory, and both watched the Golden Globes. The awards show that is always dumb and mostly drunk didn't disappoint. The episode ends with the MAILBAG map getting another pin.