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Mrs. & Mr. Podcast (JK & TQ) are back in the studio recording the best "Trivia Podcast" in your feed. Our post-quarantine “quontent” promises no stormy seas, no work stuff, and no intimate times. Listen to their deep dives, chicken chatter, and whatever is on the current pulse of pop culture. Please follow the show on IG (sasdpod), send feedback to the MAILBAG, and listen to the latest episode!

Dec 31, 2020

In theIr final 2020 episode, JK & TQ recap their recent movie marathon that spans from holiday classics to dumb shoot-em-ups. JK requests help writing her Garry Marshall-esque "Boxing Day" movie and TQ plugs his year end blog posts. Keep it "sass-dee."

Dec 23, 2020

JK dishes out a second helping of holiday song facts, TQ defends a much recently maligned classic, and a new sexy Santa song is discovered. It's recommended, but not required, to hear Ep 79's "First Verse" of this discussion before listening to this episode.

Dec 23, 2020

TQ opens a surprise gift on the air, JK pops into a popup, and both start (but don't finish) discussing their favorite songs of the season. Check out the "Second Verse" (Ep 80) to this episode and subscribe to our playlists on Spotify.

Dec 22, 2020

TQ tries to find the pickle as JK sheds some illumination on the (long very detailed and fact-heavy) history of Christmas lights. Both aspire to multiple blow molds.

Dec 14, 2020

JK slathers on "Sunscreen" facts. TQ reads HIGH-lighted journal entries. And both review "A Recipe for Seduction" in the return of the podcast's most popular recurring segment. Stay tuned after the mailbag for an extra nugget.